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Where to explore the ancient city beyond the frontier


V-leader Shenzhenair International Hotel Yinchuan is located in Qinghe South Street, where is only 500 meters far away from Yinchuan Southern Bus Station, and is merely 30 minutes ride from Yinchuan Hedong Airport, hence the transportation is convenient. Our hotel has 271 luxury rooms and all different kinds of suites, which are luxuriously decorated with exquisite lamp, advanced facilities and equipment to satisfy every corner of your accommodation. We also have full day Victoria style Dining Room and Chinese Yujingxuan Dining Room, which built all by professional chefs and excellent dining services team. In addition, we have senior dietitian that would provide scientific perfect food pairing, which can meet all the imagination and expectation of delicacies. Our hotel can be customized by banquet services that are dedicated to bridal dressing room and distinguished Shanghai Wedding Center Chief Planner to meet the best quality of private-custom wedding. Our hotel is also fully equipped with multi-functional meeting rooms and first-class modern design international banquet hall. With holding  thoughtful service and excellent facilities so that every businessman or wedding holder will be absolutely satisfied. Furthermore, Gym, yoga clubs, dry and wet steam room, chess room, snooker room and some other leisure facilities are available,  you can relax yourself like staying at home and meanwhile improve your health condition.




Located in Qinghe South Street, where is only a stone's throw away from the Yinchuan Southern Bus Station, and has easy access to reach the Yinchuan Hedong Airport



Scenic spots: Nanguan Mosque,Gulou, Mausoleum of Xixia Dynasty, MIngcui Lake, Hui Culture Park